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Friday, September, 14th, 2018. - Today I received exciting news that I was launched at !  It's great to get more publicity and see my hard work paying off! 

Last week I shot 18 sets for and that did include some pics that went up in my store for clothes! 
I have received 2 orders today from fans, one long term who has a pantyhose fetish and the other a new fan who likes to purchase my photo sets! I really do love interacting with my fans and customers! One loyal customer just touched based with me today. He has made a few orders since last Spring and speaks very openly with me about his fetishes. He purchased some pantyhose off of my wishlist for me to wear and then to do photo shoots with and to send back to him! He has been one of the sweetest customers I've ever had! 
Although I do have a lot going on in my personal life, which I may or may not write about in the near future, I will be keeping busy with any time I have to keep my store updated, fresh with new items from my sexy photo shoots and keep my sets coming along for all of the custom orders!
If you have any suggestions at all about what you would like for me to write about in my blog, please feel free to contact me and let me know. I am always all ears! For now I will do my best to try to keep you all updated on what is going on in my modeling world! 

Saturday, February, 22, 2020. - 

This wknd I'm shooting a bunch of new photo sets and videos for all of my on line accounts -   &   https:// and just sent of some mail for a custom order of videos and photo shoots. I will be waxing, doing my nails, picking out some sexy outfits this morning and have a full day of shoots tomorrow, today just 1. :)